May 6, 2015

Blackberry Lemon Quinoa Pancakes with Cinnamon Yogurt Sauce


S: This quarter has seriously been flying by. I can’t believe it is halfway done already…and it is even more unfathomable that some people are already DONE with school…not fair.

M: I know! Looking at the calendar seriously freaks me out. But at the same time, I can’t wait for summer because I’m going on a missions trip to Taiwan! Since I have to pay for my flight (getting to the other side of the world is expensive), I started a fundraiser called Cookies on a Mission. I am baking my signature Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies for people to purchase throughout the entire month of May, and all the proceeds go towards my trip!

S: When Monica first told me her idea I thought it was ingenious, and offered to help with whatever she needed. I guess majoring in Managerial Economics has its benefits because I am currently serving as her Excel expert…profit margins don’t figure themselves out, ya know.

M: Honestly, Serena, you’re my hero. The way you whipped out that profit margin was magical. But excel sheets and numbers aside, I am so overwhelmed by all the support I am receiving for Cookies on a Mission! Just this weekend, I baked over 200 cookies to fill orders for the first of several pick-up dates. Thank you all for your support and cookie loving stomachs!


S: Monica’s cookies are on a mission, and this past Picnic Day I served pancakes with a purpose! Picnic Day is the biggest event at Davis, so, I helped organize an event to capitalize on the fact that the campus would be teeming with families and college students. We decided to pass out free pancakes as a way of showing people some love, I am pretty sure free food is everyone’s love language!

M: Serena was so awesome, you should’ve seen the way she worked the crowd. Her ability to make anyone laugh always amazes me.

S: Ah, you flatter me haha. Usually I’m crunched for time in the morning, so it was a nice change up eating fresh-made pancakes at the event. I think that day reinvigorated my love for pancakes…not that it was very hard, because we all know I’m a sucker for anything bread-like and carb-filled.

M: That’s funny because over Spring break I rediscovered MY love of pancakes after deciding to whip up a batch on a slow morning. Sadly, pancakes are technically a form of “cake,” and are not exactly the healthiest way to fuel your day.


S: But as people who believe that dessert doesn’t have to hurt, or…err…breakfast in this case, we decided to create a pancake recipe that would satisfy our sweet tooth (and carb cravings) and still help start our day in a healthy way! Oh, and I guess yours too haha.

M: This pancake is a powerhouse because of the unlikely ingredient, quinoa! Like our Whole Wheat Dark Chocolate Avocado Cake, Serena and I were shocked at how the healthy substitute didn’t compromise the delicate texture of the cake. Quinoa adds protein, whole wheat flour is more nutritious than white, lemon zest and blackberries give you a burst of vitamin C, and the greek yogurt sauce replaces the desire to drown your pancakes in sugary syrups. If anyone decides to make these this weekend, please let me and Serena know. We’ll bring the coffee.


As soon as you begin toasting the quinoa and a delightful toasty, nutty aroma fills the air, your nose immediately tells your taste buds that they are going to be in for a treat. The hearty batter successfully achieves the airy, fluffy texture required of anything that calls itself a pancake, and the quinoa adds a slight crunch to keeps things interesting. The undertones of acidity from the lemon zest accentuate the sweetness of the cooked blackberries, which all live in flavor harmony with the earthy pancake batter. We topped our pancakes with a simple cinnamon yogurt sauce to add creaminess and provide more layers of flavor, as well as some toasted coconut that connected with the roasty quality of the quinoa flour. These pancakes are essentially a blank canvas, so go crazy with your add-ins and toppings: pomegranate seeds and dark chocolate, slivered almonds and caramelized bananas, strawberries and whipped cream, seriously…you can’t go wrong.


– m & s

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