February 12, 2016

Breakfast Sundae


M: Since it has been a little while, we thought we’d update you all on a few things…for one, I no longer have wisdom teeth! Besides the swollen cheeks and liquid diet, I thought the experience was kinda fun. I made a soup schedule for an exciting week of liquid food and shamelessly enjoyed milkshakes and ice cream!

S: Even thought my winter break was jam packed with family time and catching up with old friends, I made sure I visited Monica when she was recovering because I didn’t want to miss out on the chance to see her with cute lil chipmunk cheeks!


M: Thankfully, by the time break was over I was completely back to normal. Winter break went by quickly as always, but proved to be even more eventful than ever… I baked a ton, sent an old friend off to the Caribbeans, and rang in the new year with a 5K! In addition, I decided that I was going to focus on Interior Design at Davis! When winter quarter started, we hit the ground running again… Serena and I drove 7 hours down to SoCal with our fellow DCFers to attend the SALT conference! We both had an amazing time and left empowered and inspired to take on the new quarter with gusto.

S: Oh that reminds me! Another recent advancement is that when we were in SoCal…I TRIED PORTOS BAKERY FOR THE FIRST TIME! To be honest I was worried it wouldn’t live up to the hype. But man oh man…those guava cheese rolls still pop into my daydreams during class every so often.

M: It was awesome tasting the array of pastries that Serena brought back, but we both knew it was about time we created another one of our own recipes. Inspired by my blender, which I had formed a tight relationship with through my wisdom teeth removal, Serena and I developed our newest recipe…a Breakfast Sundae!


S: I have really fallen in love with our approach to coming up with new recipes because essentially we just talk about what has happened in our lives recently and then draw inspiration from that! This time for Mon it was her wisdom teeth and for me it was how at the conference in SoCal I brought one of my recent favorite snacks and everyyyyyone was hatin’ on it & making fun of me hahaha. So, as a highly competitive individual, I made it my personal goal to prove through this Breakfast Sundae that my beloved, but extremely misunderstood, brown rice cakes are actually pretty delicious.

IMG_9856IMG_9863 IMG_9868

M: Serena eats those things ALL the time, straight up, no additions. It blows my mind! What also blows my mind is how how frozen bananas take on an ice cream texture when you blend them… I mean, come on… could bananas get any cooler? (pun intended)

S: And of course I gotta give a shout out to how crazy awesome the toasted brown rice and almond topping is…it literally tastes like kettle corn but without the hassle of those annoying kernels that get stuck in your teeth! Honestly, this whole dessert is kinda magical.


As the frozen bananas begin blending it is hard to imagine the chunky mixture becoming the creamy, dreamy ice cream pictured above…but then BAM it suddenly forms into smooth frozen goodness. We called it the Breakfast Sundae because college taught us that coffee with your breakfast in the morning is heaven sent…and what better way to get your daily dose of caffeine than with frozen banana coffee ice cream?! And to tie it all together we used the breakfast staple–maple syrup. No joke, the smell of brown rice cakes and almonds frying in coconut oil and maple syrup makes you feel like you are standing outside the kettle corn stall at the carnival. But this is not a sundae for the faint of heart because we added a pinch of cayenne that mingles with the coolness of the ice cream to tingle your taste buds. This Breakfast Sundae recipe is so adaptable…you can make strawberry banana ice cream topped with a brown rice and coconut crunch or even banana peanut butter ice cream topped with a brown rice and chocolate crunch! It is such an easy process too, so you really have no excuse not to woo your Valentine this Sunday with a bomb sundae.


#dessertdoesnthurt – Breakfast Sundae from Ed Ju on Vimeo.

– m & s

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