March 30, 2015

Chia Seed Pudding: Two Ways



S: After a brutal week of finals, it is only fair that they give us a week of break!

M: Amen sista. And a week is barely enough! I started off my break with heavenly potato puffs  at Gregoire’s in Berkeley with my roommate Amy. What are potato puffs, you ask? They are essentially fried balls of mashed potatoes. Fluffy and crunchy at the same time, and ridiculously delicious. I also tried on a pair of really expensive jeans, had a beautiful oceanside picnic at Shark Fin Cove with my good friend Janna (we brought a french baguette longer than my arm), visited my dad at Facebook, hiked around San Bruno State Park with my family, and baked a flourless chocolate espresso cake, twice! And of course, lots of yoga.


S: While Monica was off doing all of that during spring break, I was in San Diego for three days visiting my brother, eating delicious seafood, going to the beach, and engaging in some retail therapy. Then I flew to Seattle with my best friend, Britni! Why Seattle? Food. That’s why. We had Greek yogurt at Ellenos, Russian pastries at Piroshky (so good we went twice during our three day trip), and the best old fashioned donut EVER at Top Pot Donuts (Alton Brown from Food Network visited this place…pretty coool).


M: Hey Serena, remember when I was telling you about the article I read in Kinfolk about how our eating habits reflect our lifestyle?

S: What are you trying to say, huh? I was on vacation in Seattle so I was allowed to go a little food crazy.

M: Haha that’s what I’m saying! Your willingness to try so many different foods in a new city reflects your adventurous side. I think it’s really interesting how our subconscious food choices reflect our personalities. Peanut butter reflects mine. No surprise. At the beginning of winter quarter I had one jar of peanut butter, but I ended the quarter with 6 opened jars of peanut butter. Proof below.


I wanted to try all of them because I enjoy a wide variety of flavors in my food! I’ve noticed that this habit of wanting to try everything all the time shows up in other aspects of my life beyond food. At Davis, there are so many opportunities, clubs, classes, and people that I want to pursue. Last quarter, I noticed that I was fulfilling my desire to do all these things, but unable to spend enough time and energy to put my best foot forward at all of them. So I’m learning how to prioritize! Maybe this quarter I’ll actually finish a jar of peanut butter.

S: For me, I am always trying to maximize my time. My food choices definitely reflect that. Especially during finals week…man, I ate so many frozen vegetable lasagnas…you can’t spend hours on meals when you have to watch three movies and read ten stories for your Science Fiction final! I find that I am always on the go, so my food tends to be quick and easy, meaning, I have had to find hacks for eating healthfully and time efficiently! For all the other busy bees out there, Monica and I want to share one of our favorite ways to eat healthy under a time constraint with you…CHIA PUDDINGS!


If you haven’t fallen victim to the chia craze yet, these puddings are going to blow your mind because:

  1. Chia seeds are a source of soluble fiber, so you feel fuller longer and don’t have to waste time running to the vending machine for a midday snack
  2. They are also poppin with protein!
  3. Our puddings are made with dark chocolate or matcha, so each spoonful is brimming with antioxidants
  4. You can make large batches ahead of time and eat it all throughout the week (#mealprep, anyone?)


Coconut Dark Chocolate Chia Pudding


Creamy. Chocolatey. Coconutty. These three C’s are music to any dessert lover’s ears. This pudding is undeniably delightful. It is thick and rich, but not so rich that you finish a bowl and feel a food coma coming on. In fact, you finish one bowl and instantly want another. The coconut flavor is strong but doesn’t overpower the slightly bitter dark chocolate. This pudding is scrumptious, silky, smooth, with a little crunch from the chia seeds, and best of all it is also full of protein and antioxidants so you can indulge innocently! Strawberries, raspberries, and pomegranate seeds add some tartness that enhance the already bold flavors of chocolate and coconut!



Matcha Green Tea Chia Pudding


This Matcha Pudding is a pleasant pale green, but in reality this is a mean green fighting machine! It is bursting with antioxidants and provides a bit of caffeine for those days you need a little kick of energy to get you going. The flavor is light and clean, good for any time of the day! It is slightly sweet, a touch earthy, extremely refreshing, and very delicious. Green tea is super versatile so throw in some bananas, blueberries, granola, chocolate chips…whatever you have in your pantry will (most likely) taste fantastic!


– m & s

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