November 10, 2014

Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies


S: And with that we have completed our first post! I am seriously beyond honored that so many people have supported the endeavors of Dessert Doesn’t Hurt! Even though we aren’t “first years” at Davis anymore, I still feel like so far this year has been full of a lot of “firsts”…the biggest (and most abrasive haha) probably being moving into our FIRST APARTMENT WOOOO!!

M: I couldn’t agree with you more. Second year has totally blown me away with the amount of changes and “firsts” that have happened. One of which is starting our jobs at UC Davis Campus Recreation and Unions! Yes folks, Serena and I work together, live together, run this blog together, go to fellowship together, and yet we still manage to like each other.


S: Really though, we are around each other so much. LUCKY YOU! I still remember the first time I slept over at your house during the summer and tried your Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies…that’s when I knew I had found the perfect person to start this blog with!

M: Those cookies were actually the first time I came across coconut oil, and I was honestly shocked. I wondered why this liquid gold wasn’t literally used in everything! It’s full of healthy fats and nutrients that can help with digestion and satisfy us longer. It also smells amazing, but taking a spoonful of it on its own isn’t quite what you would expect. I’ll tell you all a little embarrassing story…on Pinterest I saw a “50 Ways to Use Coconut Oil” pin and one of them was oil pulling where you swish coconut oil in your mouth because it is supposed to have antibacterial qualities that detoxify your teeth and gums. I figured since it smelled so good it would be like a tropical mouthwash. But I was wrong. Very wrong. It didn’t taste at all like how it smelled. Never again.

S: When you told me that story I laughed so hard. You took your coconut oil obsession to the next level. I think your love for coconut oil just might beat out my love for zucchinis. The only thing I have up on you is that I have loved zucchinis ever since I was little haha (see below for proof!)


M: Aww baby Serena! But c’mon, what’s not to love about coconut oil? You can use it to replace butter so it is healthier, and it tastes so good when you use it in baking (not as mouthwash) because it adds a slight nuttiness that really provides a unique flavor. Making this coconut oil chocolate chip cookie recipe by Culinary Couture was the first time I discovered how to incorporate coconut oil into my baking, and now I am a firm believer that coconut oil is basically a superhero that can make any recipe healthy. I’m planning on replacing the butter with coconut oil in this good-lookin’ rum cake recipe (shout out to our rum-cake-loving friend, Andrew, who also works with us!), and maybe even trying out something savory like this cauliflower, coconut, and lime soup (Disclaimer: We love all food, not JUST desserts)!  I encourage you all to go to the grocery store and buy yourselves a nice jar of coconut oil, whether its your “first” or twentieth, and bake these delicious cookies then see how you can use it to make your own recipes more nutritious. Comment below or email us at with your brilliant ideas! We want to hear from you!


These cookies are crispy on the outside with a soft tender interior, and being studded with luscious chocolate chips never hurts! We love using the Ghirardelli Bittersweet chocolate chips because they have the perfect balance of cocoa flavor and sweetness, but you can really add whatever you want to this slighty coconutty and perfectly sweet (but healthy!) cookie dough! We have already experimented with throwing some dried cherries in the mix, and those were absolutely delicious!

– m & s

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