October 5, 2015

Earl Grey Scones with Dark Chocolate Orange Ganache


S: Dessert Doesn’t Hurt is officially one year old now!! And to celebrate we decided to do something special…ADD A NEW MEMBER TO OUR TEAM!

M: We are excited to introduce you to Ed Ju, the Dessert Doesn’t Hurt videographer! If you didn’t know already, Ed’s work is seriously incredible. He does everything from wedding photography to graduation portraits to stranger projects, and now, food videography! Oh and here’s a fun fact… ED DOESN’T LIKE DESSERT. You would think that is a pretty crucial part of being on the DDH team right? That just goes to show how amazing we think his work is!


S: But that isn’t the only thing that happened while we were away from the blog for a bit….Dessert Doesn’t Hurt traveled the world!

M: Yeah we did! This summer I traveled to three countries: Taiwan, England, and France! Each showed me amazing things (and fed me amazing food).

S: And I had a blast studying abroad at the London School of Economics! I gained a new sense of independence, got to experience working with people from all over the world, and now get to say that I have traveled outside of the United States (finally)! My family was lucky because they came for vacation at the end of my program after I had found all the best food places and could navigate the tube like a legit Londoner. What was really cool though, was that during my program different people from home happened to be coming through London! It was so refreshing to see some familiar faces, but of course, my favorite visitor was Monica (she made me say that).


M: You were a legit Londoner! When I so kindly blessed Serena with a visit in London, she took me to her favorite boulangerie in Covent Gardens called Balthazar. We shared a delicious pastry and I told her about how crazy it was traveling with my family 24/7 after living away from them for so long. I learned so much about them and saw how much we’ve grown as individuals since being apart. My family is very active, so we hit all the main attractions including the London Eye, Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, and even the Facebook London HQ (shout out to my hip dad)! One of my favorite spots, however, was Borough Market. FOOD FOR DAYS.

S: Oh my gosh, don’t even get me started on the food! I had an addiction to two things while there: gelato and high tea. There were four amazing gelato shops literally right by my dorm, so it was never a matter of whether or not to get gelato it was a matter of which gelateria to go to. Also, I think I set a record for the most times at high tea within a 7 week span…still haven’t decided if that is embarrassing or impressive (probably a bit of both haha).

M: Dude, totally impressive. They should call you Her Majesty the Queen Serena, just for your high tea resume. I, too, got to enjoy high tea in London! Well, kinda. My dad and brother were racing each other to see who could eat to the top of the tier faster. Boys…

IMG_9301 IMG_9305 IMG_9313IMG_9316IMG_9328IMG_9355IMG_9366IMG_9370

S: So, inspired by all the new experiences Mon and I had this summer, we bring you a new take on an old English classic…Earl Grey Scones with Dark Chocolate Orange Ganache! I know what you’re thinking, “scones have to be fluffy and beautifully buttery…a healthy scone is probably a dry, weird cake just posing as a scone.”

M: We had the same thought while looking at all kinds of “healthy scone” recipes, which is why we developed our very own that doesn’t compromise the integrity of our beloved scone. We use whole wheat flour instead of white, almond milk instead of heavy cream, and a combination of greek yogurt and butter to limit the fat but keep that light, fluffy texture. And instead of a (not so healthy) clotted cream accompaniment we made a simple dark chocolate orange ganache that takes this scone to the next level. We hope the delightful flavor of these earl grey scones take you straight to a small tea shop in London. Enjoy!


When these lovely little disks of deliciousness come out of the oven the tantalizing smell of earl grey notifies everyone within a 100 foot radius that it is tea time!!! By steeping the tea in the almond milk that gets incorporated into the batter and adding real earl grey tea leaves into the mix you get both a pungent and pronounced flavor of earl grey tea in every bite. Because of the baking soda’s reaction with the yogurt this dough is light, fluffy, soft, and satisfying even without the standard (excessive) amount of butter! Since it is made with whole wheat pastry flour you finish feeling full and ready to take on the day! 


And as if that wasn’t enough, the silky dark chocolate ganache is full of little bits of orange zest zing that enhance the bergamot oil (orange essence) found in earl grey tea making it a truly unique scone experience.


and now… check out Ed’s amazing video on how to make these scones! (up your volume and fullscreen it for the whole experience)

#dessertdoesnthurt – Earl Grey Scones from Ed Ju on Vimeo

– m & s

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