December 6, 2015

Pear and Brie French Toast Skewers


S: Recently, Monica and I had the awesome opportunity of hanging out with a fellow healthy dessert lover, Hana aka @hungrygirl325! It has been such a joy getting to hear her story and being in the presence of someone so sweet and passionate.

M: Seriously! I had no idea that we would end up meeting and working with the girl I followed on Instagram a few days earlier…

S: Tell the story, Mon!

M: I started following Hana on Instagram partially because a majority of her pictures had peanut butter and carbs in them, but mainly because I thought her pictures were beautiful. Little did I know that she went to UC Davis and that I would see her at the ARC a few days later! I approached her with, “Hi! Are you that girl on Instagram that posts really pretty pictures of food?”. A conversation later, we were planning a collab where we would challenge each other to recreate one of our original recipes.


S: When Hana challenged us to reimagine her Snickerdoodle Bread, Monica and I were honestly a little bit stumped. For a week or so, we threw around all kinds of ideas from monkey bread to muffins, but none of them seemed to stick. Finally, we both began thinking back to our childhood for some inspiration because that usually works for us haha.

M: One of the first breakfast items my mom taught me how to cook when I was younger was French Toast. I loved it because the interactive process and delicious product made me feel like a true chef.


S: For me, I remembered being so excited whenever my family would make French Toast for breakfast because my mom would always let me be the “bread dunker”! I loved getting my hands all goopy drenching pieces of bread in the egg & milk mixture as the mouthwatering scent of vanilla extract and cinnamon filled the air around me.

M: To make our French toast more snickerdoodle-esque, we decided to roll it in a bit of cinnamon and sugar before cooking it in the pan. The result was an elevated French toast that was crispy and crunchy on the outside.


S: Testing our french toast recipe left our house smelling like cinnamon sugar for days, and coming home to the smell of cinnamon sugar was an immediate destressor amidst a cuhrazy end of the quarter (no joke, you should try it). I can’t wait for this quarter to be over because…I will be done with computer science, YES! I think I will throw a party for myself when I finish that final haha.  

M: Perfect! We can make these skewers for the “Serena is Done with CS” Party! Skewers always seem to be the ultimate party food, probably because of how easy they are to make and eat! While Serena and I might make these during a “Serena is Done with CS” Party, you can make these over your Holiday Break for your family and friends to enjoy too.

S: They are the perfect little bite of sweet and savory, hot and cold, soft and crunchy, mmm! And Mon, you can totally make them when you open that dream cafe of yours too! Irona did tell us she could imagine it as a sandwich in a hip cafe!!

M: Let’s be honest, Serena, this combination would be good anytime anywhere…


These little skewers might be petite in size, but they pack a ton of flavor in one bite! Although one of our most simple desserts, the beauty of these bites lies in the symphony of flavors, textures, and temperatures. The brie’s subtle saltiness creates a harmony with the sugary, spicy coating on the french toast and the sweet pear flavor. Then as you continue to chew you experience the texture and temperature contrast of a tender but crispy piece of cold juicy pear and a chunk of slightly melted creamy brie cheese all sandwiched between two squares of hot and slightly chewy french toast. The best part is, you can skewer these little french toasts with tons of different things: strawberries & goat cheese, blue cheese & apple, ricotta & peach…so many options…looks like we are just going to have to throw a ton of parties so we can try all these combinations!


– m & s

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