February 24, 2015

Whole Wheat Dark Chocolate Avocado Cake with Homemade Raspberry Sauce


M: What has been your favorite Valentine’s Day so far?

S: I would have to say…this Valentine’s Day was definitely one of my favorites!

M: Me too! As a house, it has become our tradition to have “Galentine’s Day” which is basically a day to celebrate our sisterhood by eating good food, especially dessert! Last year, we opted for a classy sushi dinner at Mikuni’s, this year we decided to take things into our own hands and get fancy in the kitchen.

S: Our housemates all made a steak dinner, watched Big Hero 6, ate a ton of popcorn (made fresh and seasoned with garlic butter by Monica!), and then dug into, dare I say it, the most delicious dessert Monica and I have made so far.


M: Amennn. Talk about warm, chocolatey, cakey goodness. When Serena and I were on Pinterest for some Galentine’s Day dessert inspiration, all of the results were either heart shaped, bright red, or chocolate. I’m not kidding, search Valentine’s Day dessert on Pinterest and you’ll see what I’m talking about! We aren’t really into brightly colored heart shaped desserts, but…

S: Chocolate was a definite yes!

M: Especially since we recently made a trip to Dandelion Chocolate in SF a few weekends ago for my birthday! They totally nailed it by taking me there – we had a fancy S’more, frozen hot chocolate, and a PB chocolate tart. That last one got me because it had chocolate AND peanut butter. If anyone knows me well, they would know that peanut butter makes up about 50% of my diet.


S: And as if that wasn’t enough chocolate, a week or so later, the Davis Whole Foods held an event all about chocolate! Since I am smart (and loathe long lines/big crowds), we got to the event early and were able to enjoy tasting every single delicious sample of Chocoxlove chocolate bars, chocolate chicken mole, chocolate candied bacon, flourless chocolate cake, and more. It was fantastic, and I went home with a full stomach and confidence that we HAD to make a chocolate-centric Valentine’s Day dessert.

M: That flourless chocolate cake was so good. Serena and I stood in the middle of Whole Foods with our mouths full, wondering how something “flourless” could be so yummy. Later, we looked up a recipe in hopes that we would be able to make a version of it for Galentine’s Day dinner and discovered that “flourless” definitely does not mean “healthy”. Every recipe included lots of butter and sugar! Thank goodness we did our research, because that dessert really does hurt.


M: Taking inspiration from Scaling Back Blog’s Chocolate Hazelnut Avocado Cake, we constructed our very own versatile chocolate cake that I dare say, does not hurt. It’s vegan (I didn’t even realize until after we made it) and it satisfies that chocolate cake craving you get every once in a while. Or everyday, I’m not judging you.


This cake is chocolatey, soft, and satisfying. The avocado flavor is completely hidden, but it still provides the fat content (but healthy fats!) to maintain the light, fluffy texture you would expect from a chocolate cake that does hurt! We served it warm with vanilla ice cream to add a contrasting creamy coolness and a super simple, homemade raspberry sauce for a balance of bright acidity that enhanced the deep, luxurious chocolate flavor. You can’t go wrong with raspberry and chocolate because they go together like peanut butter and jelly, like bacon and eggs, like Monica and Serena — perfectly! This is probably our favorite dessert yet, even our housemate Isabel, who doesn’t really like chocolate (she’s crazy), wiped her plate clean! And the best part is that this cake is a great base for all kinds of things: top it with green tea ice cream and crushed almonds or even cut them into cubes and skewer them with strawberries!


I could literally eat this raspberry sauce by the spoonful straight out of the pan it is that good. We loved that it was so simple and straightforward but still had a robust raspberry flavor. The dash of honey and splash of fresh orange juice accentuate the sweet yet tart quality of the raspberry. You can even make extra, store it in the fridge then reheat it the next day and it is just as delicious!


– m & s

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